Green IT

What is refurbished?


As an IT Distributor, Fourcom wants to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Thats why we trade with the busisness leading within green IT, Tier1Asset. With Tier1Asset we make it possible to buy IT with a green conscience.

A greener future

It just makes sense. Not just for you who wants to put a positive fingerprint on the environment, but also for the ones who wants to save money. With used IT you have the oppritunity to save money on a quality product.

As a dealer it’s important to have a good alternative to the expensive machines. A refubished product from Fourcom could be that alternative.


At the moment there is being produced about 100 million computers a year, worldwide and more than a billion computers has been produced since 1975. In the EU alone it’s estimated that about 8.7 million tons of electronic waste is being produced a year, while only 2.1 million tons is collected and reused through a controlled system.

Therefore it ends up in inappropriate places, where it can damage the enviormment with dangerous chemicals.

Tons CO2 100%
Tons CO2 30%
Tons CO2 saved pr. year

The advantage

The advantage of buying refurbished is first and foremost that you are supporting the vision for a greener future. Second it makes sense economicly, since a refurbished machine is in such a good condition that most of our customers is pleased with the quality.

Other than that it’s a great alternative to offer your customers. So whats holding you back? Give us a call and start selling refurbished!